The Crowd has Spoken

The community of fans on has an important voice , and with the launch of NFL Fans, the community now has a home. aims to provide a destination for fans to check in on what other fans are thinking, saying, and doing on as well as provide a gateway to the NFL on Facebook and Twitter.

Some of the features on the page include:

  • A scrolling billboard of user comments from across the site.  See what others are saying and then go join the conversation
  • The Top 10 section including most viewed videos, most active discussions, and highest rated fan highlight reels.  Filter by your favorite team!
  • Highest rated players from across that week’s Game Center.  Visit any Game Center after a game and rate the best performances
  • Top Fans
  • The schedule of upcoming chats.  If a chat is happening live, you’ll see the latest question and know to go check it out
  • Sprint Can’t Miss Plays– make sure to vote for your chance to win one of 17 trips to Super Bowl XLIV!
  • The NFL on Twitter and Facebook

Go check it out and join the community!

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