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There is a lot of truth to the slogan, “If you want the NFL, go to the NFL.”  In the case of an online experience, strives to be the most stylized, most robust, and most functional site for NFL content on the web.  As we continue to produce many innovative pages and destinations throughout, the time has come for a full redesign of our homepage.

The new is here and the biggest driver in making changes to the homepage comes from listening to the fans.  Our goal was to create an NFL destination that is as functional and user-friendly as possible for you.  The new homepage includes an overall better presentation of bolder images and less text, larger video played out of the centerpiece, and a less cluttered design that is easier to find exactly what you want from the NFL.

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Our staff has taken every step possible to find the right formula for the redesigned homepage.  We wanted to keep the features that worked and think about how to enhance them.  We also strived to give the fans new content and promotional features that were not available in the past.  The result is a site that interacts with NFL fans as well as informs them.  Some of the new or updated features include:

Updated Centerpieces

  • Aside from a cleaner look, our centerpieces now also play video full screen and will allow you to better watch the best football content on the web.

Spotlight Section

  • The new rotating carousel is the streamlined location for your favorite writers as well as the latest features and compelling NFL content.
  • Check here also for the latest exclusive offers and products like NFL RedZone, NFL Game Access, and many more.


  • One of the most important elements in the redesign was to ensure you felt like it was your site, an online destination that represented what you the fan want from the NFL.
  • There is no greater ownership of an NFL site than to have your NFL fantasy team’s personalized information right on the homepage.
  • Fantasy players get direct access to their teams and information about their league from the homepage
  • On game days, the fantasy section turns to live updates concerning your team’s matchup, tracking your point totals against your opponents.

From the NFL to You

  • We have made it easier than ever to get the exclusive NFL products directly from us.
  • From the homepage, we’re providing direct access to one-stop shopping for tickets, hats, jerseys and other gear.
  • Additionally, this console in the middle of the homepage is a window into our exclusive online video and audio offerings like Game Pass, Game Rewind, Audio Pass, and new for this year, NFL Preseason Live.

Calendar and Events

  • Our new calendar module allows you to – day by day – keep track of the latest shows, events, chats, and goings-on from NFL Network, on, or around the League itself.
  • is also the first place you should turn when large League events are coming up.
  • Fans can find all the information and opportunities about a certain League event; for example, with Kickoff approaching, come to to find out more about the Kickoff concert, how to attend in New Orleans, and other exciting events surrounding Kickoff weekend.

Community Engagement

  • The new is a site that allows fans to engage with the League and other fans like never before.
  • Video content is categorized by most viewed and most liked to better find what you want.
  • The homepage collects real-time commenting response tallies to see what material is talked about the most.
  • Featured commentors are highlighted in the “Fan’s Voice” section each and every day.
  • During the season, you can rate players, predict matchup results, weigh in on the difficulty of matchups and much more. Fantasy Football – Drafts Open

Back in June, launched an all-new Fantasy Football game featuring video highlights, free live scoring, and countless other details that make this the ultimate fantasy experience on the web.

One month later, we are excited to announce that it’s now time to pick your perfect team – whether for practice or to ride to the fantasy championship.

Drafts Now Open:

Live, Autopick, and Offline drafts are now open on Fantasy. Our draft client has been built from the ground up, with interactive chat, a draft list to personally rank your favorites, and all the player projections, ranks, and stats you will ever need. If you can’t wait until training camps open to select your ideal fantasy squad, join a league and draft today!

Live Drafts

Mock Drafts:

After you brush up on your knowledge with the Fantasy Draft Kit, hone your strategy with a live mock draft. New mocks start every minute throughout the day. Analyze trends, chat with other users, and practice from different draft positions so you are sure to be prepared for your league when the time comes.

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Draft Center

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Fantasy football fanatics have known for years to turn to for the latest news, statistics, and information. Now, we are truly your ultimate destination for fantasy football on the web. Welcome to Fantasy Football 2010.

Delivering fans the most cutting edge fantasy experience available online, the official game of the National Football league includes exclusive features such as video highlights, Game Center live scoring, and official NFL prizes. All for free. And only on

Join an NFL-Managed League to compete for great prizes or Create a League for free and customize more than 100 features to play with your friends. Registration is quick, simple, and now open at

Read on to discover the new, innovative features available in the official fantasy game of the NFL.

Video Highlights:

Watch video highlights for free! Track your fantasy matchup like never before or research the latest breakout player with hundreds of exclusive video clips per week.

Video Highlights

Game Center Live Scoring:

Follow your fantasy matchup live with free Fantasy Game Center, featuring video highlights and a live chart that visually tracks your matchup from pre-game projections to the final score.

Game Center

Player Research:

Rely on Michael Fabiano and the Fantasy team to stay ahead of the competition. The all-new Player News section offers a user-friendly look at breaking news and video highlights from around the league.

Player News

Activity Feed:

Game Center Discussion and your league’s Activity Feed let you chat with other league members leading up to and during that week’s fantasy matchup. From smack talk to trade proposals, it’s easier than ever to get your point across.

Activity Feed

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The community of fans on has an important voice , and with the launch of NFL Fans, the community now has a home. aims to provide a destination for fans to check in on what other fans are thinking, saying, and doing on as well as provide a gateway to the NFL on Facebook and Twitter.

Some of the features on the page include:

  • A scrolling billboard of user comments from across the site.  See what others are saying and then go join the conversation
  • The Top 10 section including most viewed videos, most active discussions, and highest rated fan highlight reels.  Filter by your favorite team!
  • Highest rated players from across that week’s Game Center.  Visit any Game Center after a game and rate the best performances
  • Top Fans
  • The schedule of upcoming chats.  If a chat is happening live, you’ll see the latest question and know to go check it out
  • Sprint Can’t Miss Plays– make sure to vote for your chance to win one of 17 trips to Super Bowl XLIV!
  • The NFL on Twitter and Facebook

Go check it out and join the community!

Most viewed videos


As many of you probably already know, we launched a new video section in May. We’re really excited about it, especially since the new layout allows us to add many more features than before.

The first of such features is Most Viewed Videos. Have you ever wondered what videos are the most popular on Now you can find out! You can watch the most viewed videos today, this week, this month, or all time. In case you’re wondering, the most viewed video of all time on is Salute the Sky. The most viewed game highlight of all time is the Super Bowl 42 highlights (Giants vs. Patriots).  Go to your team’s channel and find out the most viewed videos of all time for your team. Or check out most viewed videos today to find out what other fans are watching right now.

We’re going to be adding more features over time, so be sure to check back for updates!

Welcome to our blog

Welcome to Chalk Talk!  We’ve been busy getting ready for the start of the season, and thought it would be a good time to start this blog so we can tell you about everything we’re doing.  As we launch new features or products and make enhancements to the site, we’ll use Chalk Talk to tell you all about them.  We also want to hear your thoughts on what you like, what you don’t like, so please leave comments with your feedback and suggestions.